The 8th Future Fabric Expo

Two weeks ago we travelled to London for the 8th Future Fabric Expo. Our mission was to get an update on whats up within sustainable textiles. We went to get information, inspiration, connections and potentially find new suppliers to work with. At the expo they exhibit the newest sustainable innovations within the textile industry. Different companies also exhibit their newest collections of eco friendly fabrics and solutions. It is loads of fabrics and additionals to explore, and also talks to listen to. 

This was our first business trip in 2019, and with us came also Thea Einarsson. Thea is making a documentary series called #JENTER and we, (Mari and Ingrid with Oslo Unbranded) are two of the five lucky girls she is following for her very exciting project. Thea´s concept is about documenting a group of girls who dares to follow their dreams within creative industries and to invite the world for a look behind the scenes. That said being in front of the camera is not as easy as it seems... 

Especially when you have to pretend the camera is not there and be "all natural" while you actually have the camera right up in your face. 

As a business trip is about doing business on a trip, we had no choice but to do it in the air while flying with Norwegian. So on our way over the pond we sneaked in a little creative stunt to convince Norwegian airlines to invest in sustainable uniforms from Oslo Unbranded.

We went straight from the airport to the expo on Friday morning where we spent half of the day exploring the exhibition. We were looking at and feeling all sorts of fabrics and talking to interesting people and companies. In other worlds; fabric sourcing. 

At the expo we also talked to a guy representing a company that makes a sustainable alternative to plastic bags for packaging. The  company is called TIPA and the bags they make are biodegradable and only have 6 months shelf life before they start to compost. It would be perfect for us to try out something like that as we aim to avoid single use plastic as best we can. At this point though it's a bit tricky for us to test the Tipa bags as their minimum quantity order is 20 000 pieces... #smallbusinessstruggles.

That said we will continue looking and hopefully get to zero plastic packaging eventually.

We visited the expo last year as well then caled "The 7th Future Fabric Expo". Mari found this fabric swatch from the fabric supplier we have been working with until now. -The same fabric that we ended up producing the first 100 Unbranded shirts in. Happy Happy. 

As a lot of people have come to experience by now, we are a bit nerdy especially when it comes to our field of business, sustainability and fashion. Not always so easy to follow as Thea also came to experience:


Thea left on Saturday afternoon and left the two of us to do some team building. It's been a long time since we've spent "quality time" together not talking about work, so we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying ourselves, strolling around London. Lots of good food, quality talks, walks and of course accidentally dressing like twins is a short recap of last weekends trip.  

Thanks for a great trip, see you soon London.