Oslo Unbranded

Founded in October 2016 Oslo Unbranded is a clothing concept specialising in shirts and embroidery, enabling personalisation and opting for transparency and longevity.

We do not want you to be anyone else than exactly who you are. In Oslo Unbranded we believe that it´s not the clothes alone that make a statement. Real and interesting expressions are rather made by the person - but with the help of the attire. Because with all our individuality and uniqueness each and everyone of us would make a pretty interesting brand.

While you express yourself in- and put your signature on- the Oslo Unbranded shirt, we are making sure that no one suffers at the other end of the value chain: no humans, no animals, no nature.

Motivated by making sustainable change to the fashion industry we have from the very beginning committed ourselves to transparency throughout the whole value chain. We are dedicated to share the unique stories that follow our products: How they are made, and how they are used by real people in real lives.

We got a kick start in 2017, when we received one year of funding from The Norwegian Research Council’s Stud-ENT programme. And now we want you all to follow our road towards success. Get yourself a shirt, make your own statement and be Unbranded. Together we´ll set the new standard.



Because knowledge is power, transparency is important. We want people to know, and we want people to want to know. That is why you are invited to explore every big space and tiny corner of Oslo Unbranded.


A well made piece of clothing is something that no one should take for granted. The quality of a final garment is reliant on the skills and expertise of everyone involved in its making. Every fibre, thread and stitch can be traced back to nature and hard work driven by human passion, skill and ingenuity. Good quality represents the wise choices of many alternatives, a result of high ambition, sincere effort and expert craftsmanship.

We have spent months developing patterns and prototypes, and we are far from done. All of our shirt styles are currently out in society on a group of carefully selected field-testers. After the shirts have been worn for a few months we will collect feedback on fit, design, material and anything else pointed out. And then it’s back to the drawing table where we will alter the patterns in order to make the perfect shirts that will be available for pre-order in May and finally available in our webshop in August.


Fashion is a complicated business involving long and varied supply chains of harvesting, production, raw materials, textile manufacturing, clothing construction, shipping, retail, use and ultimately disposal of the garment. Every step is taking its toll on the environment. So to us it is all about minimizing each of these footprints.

On a planet with an exponentially growing population and a goal for equality throughout the world there are some red warning signs when obsolescence still defines the way business works. The underlying question is also then, who is it that will suffer the consequences when our throw-away society keeps on growing?


By making our production process transparent we will show you what it actually takes to make a great piece of clothing: The incredible processes and talented people behind our clothes at every step of the making. We will let you know who, what, when and where.

Unfortunately, the reality is that harsh working- and living conditions still play a major role in the fashion industry. But not on our watch! With Oslo Unbranded our approach is to maximise the benefits to people and communities while minimising the impact on the environment.

We will never compromise on the lives of those who are involved in our value chain in any way. That is why we commit to open up about it all and we are dedicated to share unique stories that follows our products. All the way from the raw material and farmers, through consumer use and to whatever fate the shirts may reach in the end.


It all comes down to one simple equation: If we manage to keep our clothes for twice as long, the need for new clothes are reduced to half, and so is the total strain on the environment.

The shirt is a piece of clothing that has been of great importance to our clothing practice both functionally and socially for hundreds of years. However, not many of today’s garments live to experience different generations. We can blame the lack of quality, versatility and timeless design, but as a consequence of our throw-away-society we also lack the mentality of longevity. Think about it, what pieces of clothing can you proudly hand over when your kids or grandkids in the future wish to inherit vintage?

Our goal is to make you want to hold on to your Unbranded shirt for as long as possible. That it becomes a piece of clothing that you will want to keep forever, because it’s more than just a fashionable shirt. If you got to add your personal touch to the shirt, perhaps its value will increase to you. That is why we give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Through our embroidery service you can get whatever you want embroidered on your shirt: Your initials on the cuff, a quote on your chest or perhaps a hand drawn memory covering the back. You can come back year after year to add your personal touch. You can even get a full sleeve. Kind of like a tattoo.


Oslo Unbranded’s mission is to break free from the conventional way of doing business, where way too often, the focus on profit overshadows ethical and environmental responsibilities. That’s why, in addition to profit, our algorithm includes both people and planet at an equal scale.

Today’s conventional fashion- and clothing industry is in desperate need of change. It’s one of the world’s biggest and most polluting industries, dominated by opaque, exploitative and harmful processes. It has greater consequences than we would ever have imagined. As a counterpart to mass produced and way too cheap fashion, questionable marketing strategies and life threatening conditions for both people and planet, we are here to do things differently.

We can not do it all at once, but we are starting small and paving our way one step at a time with our hard work and your support.